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How to Get a Link


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As the couple hundred million daily visitors read through my postings, some of them wonder how to get themselves a link on my page to theirs. The e-mails flood in and I chuckle as I hit the Delete button. (I think the Delete Button has an electrical short causing it to tickle a bit when I hit it.) Despite this, I like most of my visitors and I would like to provide quality links for them to follow.

The procedure is simple. Step One , visit me a lot and leave sensible comments to my writings. The reason for this step is that it eliminates those link whores who visit just to get a link back to their site. When I see you in my comments, I try to visit your site.

In Step Two , you maintain a quality site of your own. When I visit I?ll try to read what you?ve written. If it?s good, I?ll visit more often. If it?s not quite so good, I probably won?t visit as often. This is an important point.

Step Three : When I get around to updating my links I add everybody who comes to mind. If I visit you regularly then you will be fresh on my mind and will probably get added. If I?m not thinking about your site I may forget to add it this time and you will have to wait till I get around to adding again.

Then comes Step Four . In this step you keep providing good content and I keep visiting. When the content goes away, so do I. If your site is good, it takes quite an effort to lose a link, just ask BugBear or Selfish-Monkey.

Those are the steps to get a link on

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