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April Fools Day Guidance


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We are quickly approaching that most wonderful of holidays. Like many, I can feel the spring warmth rush through me, giving me a sense of exhilaration. I am talking, of course, about April Fool's Day.

Since it is, as of the time of this writing, only two weeks till the First of April, now is the time to start planning. After all, the best pranks require absolute precision and plenty of thought. The point of this particular writing is to help get your juices going.

To help out, here is a simple prank that most people can pull off. First, get some water color paints. It is best to get the cheap ones intended for use of small children. You are really going to need a lot of the yellow color. NOTE: Even cheap paint can permanently stain things. Use your best judgment before performing this prank or you may find yourself in serious trouble!

Next, go somewhere where you can use the toilet. It can be at a friend's home, or the rest room at work. The trick is that you have to be able to get in, and preferably out, without too much fuss and in private.

Now that you have your privacy and a little yellow paint, use water to really thin down the paint. You want it to be really watery. Once you have it in that condition, use the cheap brush that usually accompanies the kid's water colors to drip the yellow paint on the toilet seat. You can easily figure out the sort of drips that you are looking for. Then the fun begins.

After the toilet seat, start dripping in less expected ways. Take the drips to the rest room sink. Make patterns that would not normally "occur in nature". Or, for the real confusion, make a drop or two of a color other than yellow. The key is to first make the person concerned about how nasty the yellow drops are, and then make them realize that there is something more going on. If you spell something out in the yellow, such as "April Fools," they may actually get the joke.

Just remember that you will be held responsible for the effect of your prank. You will probably have to clean up the mess. If you're luck, you won't have to sleep on the couch all week.

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