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On 16 Blocks


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I?ve rented the movie 16 Blocks (staring Bruce Willis, Mos Def, and David Morse). The commercials looked interesting when the movie was in the theatre but I was way too busy for entertainment at the time. Any way, here?s my review.

The basic story (no, I?m not going to spoil anything) is that a tired old cop (Willis) must transport a witness (Def) to a court house sixteen blocks away from the police station. There is a time limit to add extra tension. Oh, and there are all these bad guys trying to prevent the witness from getting where he needs to be.

The story is not as predictable as one may expect. This surprised me because most American movies are so formulaic that I can see the beginning and already know the ending. This movie, though kept me interested throughout, usually with unexpected actions rather than plot twists.

The acting was really good too. Mos Def was believable and interesting as the witness. It took a while to figure out what his character was really about, but that is so much better than the typical cookie-cutter character.

The Bruce Willis cop character was a little more predictable. We?ve seen him play the burnt-out cop/detective too many times. He does a wonderful job of it, of course, or it wouldn?t be a recurring role for him. Even with the routine, he adds a few differences, creating depth and interest.

Overall, this is a fun and interesting movie. I recommend it.

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