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On Transformers


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My regular readers know that I'm a Gen-X geek. This means that I'm the target audience for the new Transformers movie. Naturally, I went on opening day.

Before discussing the movie I would like to remind everyone that if you have a group of three or more people and you want to sit together you need to show up at least twenty minutes before show time. This is particularly important on the opening day of a popular movie. There is no good reason for the theater manager to have to come in and rearrange everyone just to accommodate a group of twelve who couldn't be bothered to show up at a reasonable time. If this keeps up we'll have to employ airport security personnel to perform cavity searches on theater goers who try to get in as the movie starts.

I expected the movie to be a bit cheesy with a forced story. Boy was I surprised. The story was excellent. The characters were well developed, even the lesser characters and the robots. The story continuity worked well with all the pieces coming together in a way that supported the story, something that does not always happen in movies.

The only complaint I might make would be about the special effects. There were extraordinary amounts of detail. This made the robots more difficult to see on screen, especially when the action picked up. During the larger battle scenes it was difficult to tell one robot from another. This doesn't change the fact that the effects were really cool.

If I say much more I'll spoil the story. Let's leave it at a strong recommendation that everyone see this movie.

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