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My Philosophical Essays

August 2, 2003

A logic professor once told me, "Mr. Trapp, you are a natural logician." It was one of the greatest compliments I had ever been given. (Well after being compared to my father, of course!)

Like most people, I have opinions on the workings of things. Some of them are more emotional than others but I try to take the time to think carefully through them. Careful analysis of subjects, trying to see them from every side, those are the things on which I pride myself. I don't think I do too badly. (My conceit surprises me sometimes.) A few others think I do well too.

For your contemplation and amusement (possibly through laughing at me) I present some of my philosophical musings. Just find a topic on the left hand navigation pane and click. The essay will appear right here.

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You gotta pick the right guy to do the job.
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A zombie is just a friend who died and is trying to eat your brains.