Red Winged Black Bird on a fence post in a field.

A Sixteenth Rune I Know


Category: poetry
A sixteenth Rune I know
     a seventeenth and eighteenth also

I?m no Herulean
    but I know my Runes full well

Tyr lost his hand
    in the name of doing right

A sixteenth Rune I spoke
    and spring covered the world

A seventeenth I spoke
    to see the crops grow tall in the field

With trepidation I spoke an eighteenth
    I cast off my winter coat
    I reveled in the sun
    Living in abundant fields
    I cast away my bow

Tyr lost his hand
    in the name of doing right

I shiver against
    the wolf?s howl
Curled in the roots
    of the leafless tree

Other Runes I know
    and I will speak them
When I have mourned
    the sun

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