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The Helpful Crowd Prank


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Those who know me know that I?m an instigator. That means that I encourage other people to do things for my own amusement. That?s what today?s post is all about. I?m going to tell you how to pull a particular prank.

For today?s prank you will need an area where people walk around. Malls are good places. If you are in school, some place outside will do the trick. This will become more clear in moment.

You may also want a friend or two to help. You will have greater credibility if there is another person there. You and your cohorts should be dressed neatly and be clean-cut.

As a person walks by, ask them to help you with a prank. Say something like, ?Can you help us out a bit? We?re playing a prank on someone and we need some people to just stand here.? Try to get the person to stand near the wall.

Do the same thing to other people as they pass. You want to get a group of about twelve to twenty to stand near the wall because you are playing a prank on ?someone?.

When there are enough people standing there, say to your cohorts, ?Let?s go get some more people.? Then you leave the area.

Eventually, the people standing there will realize that they are the victims of the prank. If you can get someone to video tape the whole thing, you will get to see who figures it out first.

If you live in an area with a small population, repeat the prank quickly before word can get out. When choosing your location and victims, try to pick people who will not beat you to death. I recommend kids. To minimize the chance of litigation, do not stand the victims some place hazardous.

You have your mission. You have your destiny. Go out and perform the prank (unless you are some kind of wimpy, cowardly loser).

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