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Terminal 2E


Category: prose

Following the collapse of the prize airport terminal in Paris (read story here) I decided to find out more. The best way to learn about structures somewhere is to talk with an architectural expert from that place. I decided to talk with French architect Pierre Penaud to get his opinion. Here's that interview.

LB: Thanks for talking with me, Mr. Penaud. What can you tell us about the collapse of Terminal 2E?
PP: I'm glad to be here. The terminal, she is a beautiful work of art. Great vaulted roofs reach into the heavens to billow like the clouds.
LB: Yes, it was a very pretty building, but it's fallen down now. What can you tell us about that, you know, the collapse?
PP: It has collapsed? That is not possible. She was too beautiful to fall. Such a thing would cause the weeping of angels.
LB: Yes, I'm sure it would, but what would cause it to collapse?
PP: She would only collapse if God wanted to make me cry. She was a beautiful building and was made using the latest French building techniques and construction materials.
LB: Have investigators found the reason for the collapse yet?
PP: No. There can be no reason. Our materials are too strong to tolerate a collapse.
LB: That's the second time you've mentioned building materials. What is it about French building materials that is so special?
PP: Is it not obvious even to you? The materials are French!
LB: Uh, right. What French materials were used in Terminal 2E?
PP: With a magnificent vaulted roof like that? She is pastry, of course.
LB: Did you say pastry?
PP: Oui, pastry. The pastry, she fluffs of so light and airy. How else would one build such a beautiful roof?
LB: Ok, so what's holding the roof up?
PP: We have stacked the ?clairs like bricks with a mortar of whipped cr?me. She is brilliant, no?
LB: Well, uh, sure, uh, thank you Mr. Penaud for talking with me today. You've helped me understand what happened.
PP: We must speak again and I will tell you of the most glorious French structure of all time, the Maginot Line.

With that the interview ended. I thought it was quite enlightening. The information will be of great value when Iowa annexes France.

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