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Weapon of Steel


Category: prose

Crell 1

An alien vessel crashed into our planet today during a meteorite storm. We are not sure of its propulsion system, and it seems harmless. There is only a single occupant, a small, defenseless-looking creature. It has pale, pink-white skin and a fine layer of hair. Most of the hair seems attached to what we believe is its head. Our early attempts to communicate failed.

Scans suggest that the creature's respiratory system is compatible with our atmosphere. Further scans suggest that it is not very old. The current theory says the creature is an infant of its species, which explains the difficulty communicating. The child has expressed an interest in sucking on the tips of the tentacles of some of our researchers. We believe the tentacles are a substitute for an appendage found on the creature's adult form. The infant seems to have such a small tentacle-like form growing near the base of its lower limbs.

Some of our scientists have conjectured that the vessel is an escape pod of some sort and that the caretakers of this infant attempted to save the child. The Security Ministry is not yet convinced, so a guard will remain posted.

Crell 2

The infant began an awful wailing noise during our evening flagellations for food. The scientists on duty found several possible causes for this. First, scans showed that the infant had excreted fluid and semi-solid materials. These excretions seemed to irritate the infant. We don't know what set off this apparent defense mechanism, but assume that the journey had been stressful for the child.

Further scans suggested the child needed sustenance. Attempts to deliver food through the same orifice from which the semi-solid material was ejected only made the child more unhappy. Several scientists suggested the digestive tract may be unidirectional and that we should try inserting the food in the head end. Using sufficiently soft food stuffs, we were able to feed the child and settle it. After cleaning and eating, the infant entered a semi-dormant state.

Crell 3

It turns out that the infant requires feeding on a relatively regular schedule. It also excretes the indigestible parts of the food as well as a fluid with various waste products in it. We must use care around the fluid because it contains uric acid and can cause serious reactions in our species. Extra security protocols have been put in place.

Our astronomers have been tracing the path of the meteorites since just before the storm. The conclusion is that the rocks are part of a planet that exploded. The planet was in a red giant star system before its demise. Now, all that remained was a field of debris and the infant that fell to our planet. This lends credence to the theory that the vessel was a rescue pod.

Crell 12

The infant shows signs of growth. It also seems to require increasing amounts of food and water. The semi-solid excretions are breaking down and giving off methane gas. This gas causes an irritation in our respiratory systems. Some have questioned whether this methane buildup will cause harm to our ecosystem. So far, the conclusions are that the child would have to grow to a much larger size and eat far more material to generate that much methane.

So far, the liquid excretions from the infant's central tentacle have scarred three of our scientists. The strength of the uric acid varies from one instance to another. The child seems to find delight in spraying us with its acid.

The Security Ministry has ordered tests to determine how large this creature will become and how much of a danger it poses. The Ministry pointed out that we still do not know what destroyed the planet around the red giant.

Crell 32

The Security Ministry convened a meeting to discuss the creature. Things are dire.

There is still no answer to what caused the destruction of the planet around the red giant. We cannot tell if the infant or its species had anything to do with the destruction. We also cannot determine if the creature's species is gone with the planet, or if they are spread to other places.

Worse still, the scientists have calculated that the rays from our yellow sun will give the enfant great power with time. The child will grow to be extremely strong and fast. It will also be able to fly unaided by machine. It will likely be able to see through most materials. More importantly, it will become impervious to all of our weapons.

The Security Ministry ordered that we destroy the child while we still have the ability.

Crell 34

Early tests suggested that the child was weakened by radiation from some minerals in the meteorites that accompanied its crash. The Ministry is even more convinced that these materials are part of the weapons the people from the destroyed planet used to defend themselves.

Now, soldiers have brought the minerals to the facility where we cared for the creature. The infant looks so helpless, despite the fact that it will grow into a monstrous weapon.

The soldiers suited up to protect their tentacles from the acid spray. They placed the minerals around the child. The child wailed. The designated soldier raised the cleaving tool and divided the infant into fourteen equal pieces. The wailing stopped.

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