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Saturday Car Wash


Category: prose

The rabbit heard Joey coming and hid behind the front, right tire of the old Dodge Charger.

Joey always washed the Charger on Saturday; it was his baby. Today, like every other time, he dragged the hose with one hand and carried a bucket of warm, soapy water in the other. His headphones blared hard-rock music into his ears.

He dropped the hose on the driveway and set the bucket down next to the front, right tire. He put his hands on his lower back and leaned back to stretch. A few deep knee bends and shaking out his hands completed his warm-up.

Joey picked up the hose and squeezed the spray nozzle like he was choking a cobra. The thing spat water across the hood and fender of the Charger.

Water dripped down on the rabbit, startling it. This startled the rabbit as well, who then hopped past the front, right tire.

Joey reached down without looking and put his hand around the rabbit. He dunked the rabbit into the bucket of warm, soapy water and then began washing the hood of the car.

The neighbors, Bill and Julie, jogged by and waved. Joey waved back with the soapy rabbit in his hand.

The joggers continued on with expressions of horror on their faces.

Joey scrubbed a bit harder on a splattered bug on the hood of his car. The rabbit?s eyes bulged out. Dropping the rabbit into the bucket, Joey picked up the hose to spray the hood.

The rabbit hopped quickly out of the bucket. It shook the water out of its ears and raced off the driveway and into some nearby bushes.

Joey reached into the bucket, lifted out the wash sponge therein. He gave the sponge a good squeeze.

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