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Hump T


Category: prose

We mourn the death, today, of children's tale rap artist Hump-T.

Hump-T was born in a high-rise coop in an impoverished agrarian district. He rose quickly to fame with his early hits: "Bad Egg" and "Big Shelled Beauty with a Big Shelled Booty". Often "pouring a 40" for "his homeys in the pan", he was a favorite of disadvantaged eggs everywhere.

His life was cut tragically short early this morning when he fell from a wall. Though emergency crews scrambled to save him, little could be done. Police are considering this incident as suspicious.

In memory of Hump-T, here are the lyrics from his hit "Since I Got Laid":

It's my will, it's my way if I'm walkin' on the wall
'Cause I know if it's just me I won't have no great fall
Freedom, soaring freedom, comes so far off the ground
But some bitches come around, try knocking me down
King's man with his gat makes my homey go splat
The king shakes his head and says that that's that
I get so full of anger that I can't do my duty
When I'm over trying to get me some big-shelled booty
So my boys and me get together to misbehave
All of us been bad since the day we was laid

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