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My New Spy Message Board


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Due to the popularity of fake spy messages in the comments to my article Spy Mag, I’ve created a new feature for You can now use the Spy Message Post System. There's a link in the Left Hand Navigation Menu

That’s right, you can now leave cryptic messages for others to read and try to decode. With this feature you can inform people that the rooster crows at 3:00 PM or that the rain in Singapore is heavy this time of year. Or, you can just make stuff up.

Just one word of caution though, I don’t like nobody spying against the United States or against Iowa (particularly Iowa.) Because of this, I will help the authorities in way possible if they think you’re really up to no good. Legitimate American or Iowan law enforcement are welcome to my database without any warrants or anything. That’s just the kind of patriot I am. (NOTE: Since Chicago is technically a terrorist state and therefore un-American, you are welcome to spy against them without any retribution from me.)

Please enjoy the new feature, and one last thing: Randy, your dog misses raisins.

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