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Mid October 2009


Category: prose

The middle of October snuck up and Halloween will be upon us before we know it. Since most LibertyBob visitors come here for wisdom, insight, and knowledge of things best left unknown, I follow my civic duty and hand out a few reminders that to calm your fears and concerns.

With the news about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), many people worry about the spontaneous creation of Black Holes and other damage to higher dimensions of the space we occupy. Well, put your mind at ease. First of all, the LHC hasn't really gone online yet, so there are no worries there. You only have to worry about all the smaller super colliders that they've operated for some time.

These smaller devices produced great amounts of useful data and caused much smaller ripples in the higher dimensions. So far, nothing suggests that there are entities living in these other layers of existence, entities who may or may not have been angered by our experimentations. It is unlikely that they have noticed us yet.

Similarly, nothing connects these other dimensions to ancient tales that suggest the simple alignment of our planet with our sun at the time of year we designate "Halloween" can somehow thin the veils between our dimensions of existence and the others. Just look back on the simple ignorance of our ancestors who seemed to suggest that other realms of existence where blended with ours. They didn't have the super colliders needed to prove the existence of higher dimensions. The only way they would have known was if these other realms somehow became reachable at certain times of year or in certain places in the world.

Even if we allow that simple people with no super colliders reached these realms, not all the stories were about monsters or an inability to get back. Sometimes the stories ended well. Really, what sort of strange dimension would it be if it were only populated with large predators with maws filled with razor sharp teeth and grasping whiskers flailing about tentacle like? Can you imagine an entire universe of ravenous beasts driven by raging, blind hunger? Like the veil could thin so much that those reaching appendages could wrap around your ankles and pull you in, to be consumed in never ending agony.

Such tales are ridiculous. If such creatures existed, they could only consume the parts of you that existed in those realms. They would have to eat some shadow component of your being that you cast on another dimension by your existence. Do you really want to suggest that these things could eat part of your immortal soul?

No, it is very unlikely that you have anything to worry about this Halloween. The fact that some scientists in the world have been putting cracks in the barriers between our dimensions and the others should have no appreciable effect on the annual Thinning of the Veil that has haunted humanity since the dawn of time. Don't bother to check on your legs under the desk. Don't worry about doors and drawers left cracked open. Don't fear those brief moments when the world around you seems a little more muffled before the strangeness of it makes your consciousness grasp madly for reality.

This Halloween should be no scarier than any other. Please go about your business in the peaceful obliviousness that you normally apply to such things. After all, ignorance is bliss, and I'm sure you would rather be happy till the end of your days.

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