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Frank Chases Dogs


Category: prose

Frank asked if I had seen a little dog run by.

Truth be told, I did see a fur ball run across my yard and then between my house and the neighbor?s. What ever sort of critter it was, it seemed to be determined in its run. ?What sort of dog was it?? I asked.

Frank shuffled on his feet a little. ?You know, just some mutt. Did you see one??

The fellow was not someone I would normally go out of my way to meet. You couldn?t question his hygiene, well not without standing upwind of him. The same coat and pants hung from him everyday. I would be surprised if the clothes weren?t grafted to his skin by now. Rumors said he did bad things to small animals, with a preference for smaller dogs.

?You haven?t been scaring the local canines, have you Frank??

He did his best innocent face. It was slightly more innocent looking than most sadistic bastards. Mental deficiencies kept the boy from being a serial killer. ?Oh no, I would never hurt no dog. I was watching him for a friend and he got away.?

?The dog or the friend?? I thought. He might claim he was taking care of the dog but I was sure he had small terrier motives. I pointed down the street. ?I think I saw some kind of little dog run by. It made it as far as the Wilkinsen house. I think it went into the yard there.? The Wilkinsens hate it when people snoop around in their yard. Frank may not know that.

?Thanks,? he said. He waved slightly and started to step toward the alleged dog sighting. His enthusiasm got the better of him and he ran clumsily down the street toward the bright, yellow house with the perfectly manicured lawn.

I don?t usually interfere with things. All the same, it was a good idea to go inside and call the sheriff.

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