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I Like Rabbits


Category: prose

I like rabbits; they're funny.

The other day I got out of my car and saw a rabbit on my driveway.

The rabbit sat unmoving, frozen in the hope that a lack of motion would hide it from my eyes. Perhaps that would work if the rabbit were not on pavement.

I wouldn't harm such a creature, that simple, fluffy herbivore. It didn't know that. To keep from spooking the poor thing I chose to walk around the opposite side of my car. Maybe if I went away the rabbit could relax.

My motion startled it. It hopped a few feet and froze again.

Sadness filled me thinking of the terror in the rabbit's heart. I could do nothing to allay its fears. I mused aloud, "Why are you afraid, little rabbit? You are small but fast, I couldn't catch you if I wanted. What do you think you have that I would even want?"

I heard the small voice, "If you catch me you'll steal my gold." Then the rabbit bounded off.

I like rabbits; they're funny.

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