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Entity lives in Entity's environment with few, if any, small problems of day-to-day living. Entity may or may not be special. One day, a large problem arises and Entity has no choice, for whatever reason, but to go out and find the solution. Entity strikes out in a logical direction, with or without support characters, attempting to find the answer. Many difficulties are surmounted. Each difficulty tells Entity more about the nature of the problem.

Eventually, Entity encounters Source of Wisdom. Source of Wisdom is typically a sentient being who can guide Entity but for whatever reason (incapacity, disinterest, etc...) cannot get much more involved. Involvement by the Source of Wisdom may even destroy the Source of Wisdom.

Guided by the Source of Wisdom, Entity overcomes the large problem and saves his home people. He returns to his home changed in a fashion that is predominantly beneficial to his home even though Entity may have been notably damaged or destroyed by these activities. The important part is that the problem has been solved.

The end.

The Sequel

When a notable amount of time has passed, a new problem arises at the home of the original Entity. New Entity must now deal with the problem and will go on a quest to do so willingly or not. The path of New Entity will emulate the now mythical path of the original Entity. New Entity will pick up clues about the problem and will also encounter a Source of Wisdom. This Source of Wisdom may or may not be related to the earlier Source of Wisdom.

Being guided by the mythos surrounding the original Entity and the new Source of Wisdom, New Entity is able to solve the problem and save his home.

Over time, the tale of New Entity also becomes mythic in nature and may become mixed with the tale of the original Entity. Together these stories will be guides for future Entities, some who will become heroes and others who will become problems to be solved.

The End

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