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Bloody Mary


Category: prose

I found out about a new twist on an old tale. The supernatural has found its way into the technological world. Many children have closed themselves into a darkened bathroom to use the mirror as part of this ritual. Now, the reflection in your monitor can be used instead.

Darken your work area. It shouldn't be completely dark but there should be no more light than is needed to get some sort of reflection off your monitor. Now, spin yourself around on your office chair. As you come back around, chant, "Bloody Mary, I killed your children." Keep your chair spinning. Each time you return to your monitor, say the chant, "Bloody Mary, I killed your children."

On the thirteenth time, stop as you do your chant and stare into the reflections on your monitor. If you've done everything right, you'll see the apparition of an old woman whose face is shredded and bloody. She will shriek and reach out at you and then handle your tech support.

Overall, this seems much more efficient than calling regular vendor tech support.

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