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Randy Boar and the Princess


Category: prose

Randy Boar was a very friendly boar. He liked to hug people when ever he could. Randy worked at a sausage cart in town where he sold sausage and other meat to the people who passed by. Randy liked it when people enjoyed his meat.

One morning, Randy was spelling out his name in sausage when a princess walked up to the cart. "Hello, princess would you like a hug?" said Randy.

"No thank you," said the princess.

"Would you like some of my meat?" asked Randy.

"No thank you," said the princess. "I am too sad to enjoy your meat."

Randy did not like for people to be sad. "What made you sad?" he asked the princess.

The princess said, "I have lost my toy boat and the little, toy man inside. I do not think I will ever be happy again until I find my little man in the boat."

That gave Randy an idea. "Would you like me to help you find your little man in the boat?"

The princess smiled. "That would be lovely," she said.

But just then, an evil genie appeared in the sky. "I can see by your meat that you are Randy Boar," said the genie, pointing to where Randy spelled his name with sausages.

Randy said, "What do you want with me?"

The genie said, "There is a curse that Randy Boar is to be kept in a cage." Then the genie snapped his fingers and a cage appeared around Randy Boar.

This annoyed the princess very much. "You let him go, you mean old genie," she shouted.

"I cannot," said the genie. "The curse is that Randy Boar must be in a cage."

The princess shouted at the genie again, "Release, Randy Boar! Release"

Randy tried to push the bars out of the way. "Not yet," he said, "not yet."

Then the princess got an idea. She used her hands to move Randy?s meat around. She spelled the only word she knew how to spell: contented. Then she called to the genie again. "Look down here genie. You are wrong. You can tell by his meat that this is Contented Boar, not Randy Boar."

The genie looked at the meat and had to agree that it was contented. "Sorry," said the genie, "I guess I made a mistake." The genie snapped his fingers and the cage went away.

Randy and the princess hugged.

"Thank you, princess," said Randy.

"It was my pleasure, Contented," said the princess with a wink. "Do you still want to help me find my little man in the boat?"

Randy shrugged. "I suppose so," he said.

They walked away hand in hand.

The princess said, "We should probably search for the little man in the boat down at the lake. I bet I get really wet." So she did.

The end.

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