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Interview with Uranium


Category: prose

Yesterday, I talked about a small problem with radioactive materials. That gave me a really great idea. I have been, for some time now, trying to torture the LibertyBob Psychic Department, or Mindiacs, as they like to be called. I can use the radioactive material to get at the Psychics.

That's why I'm going to have one of my psychics channel some Uranium so I can conduct an interview with the radioactive element.

LB: Welcome, Uranium. I'm glad you can be here to talk with us.

U235: Hmmmmmmmmm.

LB: What was that?

U235: Hmmmmmmmmm.

LB: I'm afraid I didn't quite catch that.

U235: Hmmmmmmmmm.

LB: Uh, can you speak?

U235: Hmmmmmmmmm.

LB: Ok, I don't think this is going well. We'll wrap up then. Thank you, Uranium, for your participation.

U235: Hmmmmmmmmm.

With that, I ended the interview. The Mindiac came out of his trance, lost some hair and teeth, and then meandered back to his office to vomit some blood. Those guys are such wimps.

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