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Winter Weather


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It?s a strange morning here in eastern Iowa. We are having the winter weather. We are also having thunder and lightning associated with spring storms.

So far, in my area, we have icy roads. That?s bad. I prefer snow over ice. I can drive on snow. No one can drive on ice.

It has to be really bad before my college closes for the day. Most of the students live on campus and all the buildings are connected by underground tunnels. The college itself is built on top of a hill. That means it is difficult to park if you?re a non-traditional student such as myself. The same applies for faculty and staff. I feel bad for the essential staff that must show up to feed the dorm kids.

Things aren?t all bad. We?ve had almost no bad winter weather this year. That?s odd for Iowa. There have been winters where the snow and ice piled on day after day. The winds blow across our gently rolling hills, causing white-out conditions and leaving drifts up to twelve feet (three meters) high. On one occasion, my family got snowed in for over a week in our country house. If it hadn?t been for a large store of food things could have been really bad (we would have had to eat my little brother).

I?ll take it easy this morning and get a head start on my studies. Later, when the snow has covered the ice a little better, I?ll go out and run some errands. There are plenty of things on my list. I have programming to do. I have job hunting to do. I can study more for the Statistics Exam that would have happened this morning.

Sure, other people have it worse. I understand that Europe and Asia have been slammed pretty hard this winter. Iowa?s winter has been extremely mild this year. Instead of huge mounds of snow we are in a drought. That will be a real problem when it comes time to grow the food this spring.

There is little that can be done about weather. One just tries to remain safe and then try to enjoy it. That means, for me this morning, opening the curtains to watch the weather and drink hot cocoa.

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