Red Winged Black Bird on a fence post in a field.

Coming Autumnal Equinox


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The Autumnal Equinox will be here soon.

It doesn?t seem so long ago that spring came, with its new life and warmth. The budding leaves and new shoots of grass broke through the dull, grayness of winter and set the stage for a new season. The birds returned. The fluffy, hibernating creatures rubbed the sleep out of their eyes with little paws and stepped out into the gentle sun.

Nothing exemplifies this more than the Easter Bunny. That happy little critter bounds down the bunny trail. Its basket full of brightly colored eggs and pastel ribbons, the happy bunny spreads joy as it rallies the creatures of the world to dance the dance of life as the sun rises in the east.

Now things are different. Soon that same sun will set in the west, taking with it the warmth of summer. The bright flowers turn to dead, gray stalks. The leaves lose their green and leap from the branches in despair. The grasses wither where they stand. Worst of all, skulking down the path under low, heavy clouds, with its fur matted and full of cockle burs, comes at last the Wester Bunny.

No happy creature is this. No bright eyes, but crusted and cloudy, it sneers at the world with its one good incisor. The left ear stands half heartedly. The right ear is missing. This venomous thing seeks out the light, only to snuff it out. It will steal your toys. It will spit on your candy. It will gnaw on the insulation around your windows so that the cold can get in. It will send chills up your soul.

Not satisfied with browning the world, it sprays everywhere it goes; it marks its territory. It knows the wolves of winter are hungry. It knows that the wolves like rabbit but are just as happy to gobble up stray children and pets. It has stayed alive for countless eons by making sure the wolves find other food.

When you go out, go with care. When the leaves rustle behind you but you?re sure there was no wind, you know what is there. You know the mangy thing that lurks in the brown-ness. If you are lucky, it?s just the wolves.

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