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Not Feeling Well Lately


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I haven't been feeling very well lately. There's no telling why. It could be a simple cold, the recent change in weather, or it could be a chemical imbalance brought about because of one of my various infirmities. Either way, it is annoying and it leaves me embarrassed about what a whiner I can be.

Every so often, I have a Low Energy Day. Sometimes it lasts for more than a day. That's what this feels like. There is a general weakness, a small amount of dizziness, difficulty focusing, slow digestion, painful joints. I sleep a lot.

Being vertical helps with the rest, but I really don't like to be in bed that much, at least not without company. Being on my back causes a mild irritation in my lungs as though any old mucous in there is shifting around and causing trouble. I've written a haiku about it.

Lung gunk is moving
Oozing to back from bottom
Tickles cilia

The good news is that it doesn't seem to affect my blood sugar much. There is the lack of activity which keeps me from using up the blood sugar, but the low energy doesn't appear to be associated with diabetes. That is, to say, if the problem was insulin resistance or a lack of insulin one would assume a related ride in blood sugar.

There may be something neurological causing the trouble. We are currently running tests for Digoxin Toxicity, a side effect of the build up of digoxin in the body. Various forms of digoxin are used as treatment for heart ailments and I've been taking it for about eight years now. Digoxin works by changing the concentration of ions needed to transmit neural signals in the heart. Those same ions are necessary for the rest of the nervous system as well.

One of the other options would be psychological. A build up of stresses could cause the mind to shut down a bit, causing the body to follow. I know that I haven't been handling the stress of diabetes very well. When diagnosed with Heart Failure, I was able to externalize that disease, treating it like an external enemy that I could attack viciously with the intent of destroying it outright. Diabetes has resisted all attempts to be externalized, staying instead as an inherent part of me and being seen as a failure on my part to maintain health. That's some messed up stuff.

Whatever the reason, I'll probably be back to feeling ok later. In a day or two, I'll be back to my old self and ready to be obnoxious. That will be fun.

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