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Quarantine Day 5


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On the morning of the fifth day, I got up before the Mindiacs. As quietly as I could, I erased the protective sigils on the white boards and redrew them upside down. Just as quietly, I slipped back into my office and laid back down on my couch.

When the Mindiacs finally woke, they expressed agitation. The reversed protective sigils spooked them more than expected. I gave them white sage to burn while I redrew the sigils in the up-right form.

I explained to them that the entities must be stronger than we anticipated. To fix the problem and keep us safe, I instructed the Mindiacs to spend all day meditating and softly chanting. That kept them quite all day so I could get some work done.

The work didn't go as well as I would have liked. Being locked up made me stir crazy. Instead of coding, I thought about the changes I could make to bring in more advertising revenue. What sort of revenue would I get for advertising the Lexus IS F? You know the one; it has the 8 Speed Sport Direct Shift Transmission and comes in that Ultrasonic Blue Mica color.

Oh well, there are only a couple of days left and then I can get out. Till then, I'll daydream about cruising down the road in my new convertible with a hot farm girl in the passenger seat.

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