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Dream Wedding with LibertyBob


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For many of you folks, it would be a dream come true. A couple known to LibertyBob wanted to marry. As they planned their wedding, they knew who should be the officiant. They asked right away. This past weekend, LibertyBob performed the ceremony.

That's right; LibertyBob married a couple to each other in a small ceremony this past Sunday. The County Recorder received the paperwork for the public record. Under the rather liberal Iowa Code Chapter 595, the state recognizes the union and all is good for the world.

Don't get too excited. People are always asking me to perform respected, trusted activities for them. They want me to run for public office and start write-in campaigns when I'm not on the ballot. They want me to teach classes. They want me to bless their children or businesses. Now, they want me to perform their weddings. If I were a Notary Public I'd never have a minute to myself.

If you want your own LibertyBob wedding, it's pretty tough. It has to take place in or around Linn County Iowa. I have to meet with the couple, individually and together. I have to decide that I agree with the couple getting married; I don't want to marry people against my normal wisdom. I will not be doing anything too adventurous, nor will I be in costume.

Whether you want to be married or not, you can still pray to for me that I'll have time and that someday my way of thinking will permeate cultures around the world and on the others to which we travel. There are even instructions how. Your good thoughts are always welcome to LibertyBob.

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