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End of 2006


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Several people I know write letters to send with Christmas cards that detail the happenings in their households over the past year. I thought it was very nice of them to include this kindling, but then I thought it might be something more. There?s the slight chance that the recipients of these missives may be interested in the lives of the writers. Just in case that is true, I?ve prepared this recap of the year in the LibertyBob household.

As many of my regular readers know, I graduated from college? finally. I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I?m particularly proud of the little gold thing on one side that says, ?Summa Cum Laude.? What they may not know is that I just got accepted to DePaul University to do my graduate studies in Computer Science. Now all I have to do is come up with the cash and I?ll be well on my way to super nerd. (I know, I?m already well on my way.)

Other than that, nothing really happened this year. At no point during the year did some clandestine organization try to call me back to service. Neither did I slip off on a secret mission the ended with me spending a week cooped up with a rather attractive Slovak secret agent chick. What?s more, there?s a perfectly legitimate reason that I should know that the Icelandic word for Swiss is ?svissneskur?.

It is also pure fiction that my knowledge of harmonic resonance as a form of artificial intelligence was instrumental in the defeat of hostile space aliens. That is something that just did not happen. There are no hostile space aliens and good software tools for harmonic resonance just are not available. In fact, software simulations of harmonic resonance are still in their infancy.

Finally, I never wrote a program that can trace a spammer through all of the assorted back-tracks and hijacked systems and then cause his or her computer to secretly call out to cyber law enforcement organizations. Such fictitious software also does not convert all their personal files to gibberish.

Nope, nothing much happened to me this year and that?s the way I like it. The less drama I go through the better it is. I hope you had a good year too.

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