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New LibertyBob Servers 2009


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Thank you for your patience while we moved the LibertyBob web site to new servers. Though you may not see the immediate effects of the change, the increased capabilities will show through. With these new capabilities, I will be able to add new features that will make your LibertyBob visit more enjoyable and productive.

Here are a few of the planned improvements:

* We hope to implement RSS feeds to make it easier for you to get your daily LibertyBob.

* The return of the classic Spy Message Board™ from a couple of years ago. This time, we will offer Encrypt-O-Matic™ ciphering.

* The Free Card Reading™ will offer more options such as Completely Free™ and Ludicrously Free™.

* One highly anticipated new feature will be the LibertyBob Baby Sitter™. With one click of a hyperlink you will have a page that watches your children for hours or even days. (You will need to check local laws in your area for the legality of using a web site to baby sit your kids.)

* Automatic Post Generation™ will create posts for the LibertyBob site when LibertyBob is too lazy busy to do it himself. The software will randomly take pieces from previous posts and stick them together. Hilarity will ensue.

* Look for new T-Shirts with various LibertyBob themes.

* Because of a new settlement contract with the Mindiacs, they will be available for new features such as the Ask the Mindiacs form. You will be able to ask for advice from the Mindiacs themselves.

* The new Automatic Suck Selection™ (ASS) will help personalize your visit to the LibertyBob site by looking at your IP address and determining from your location how much the suckiness of the content should be adjusted and then match it to your level. This way, you get a site that should be more in your comfort range. Best yet, if you don't like how much the LibertyBob site seems to suck all you have to do is move to a better part of the world and you have my ASS™ to thank for it.

There you have it, folks. I'm sure that in no time at all you will be experiencing a whole new level of wonderfulness from your visits to

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