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Out Like Carradine


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The recent passing of actor David Carradine resulted in many rumors and discussions about the manner of his death. Most of the discussion centered on the idea of autoerotic asphyxiation. Naturally, this produced many immature and crude jokes but, more importantly, it resulted in two new games.

For those unaware of autoerotic asphyxiation, this is a practice of masturbation in which the participant also cuts off his or her own oxygen supply. The oxygen deprivation supposedly results in a euphoric state. They claim this state combines with the self-pleasuring to reach new plateaus of enjoyment. On occasion, some participants lose consciousness and/or die from suffocation.

You play the first game with any number of persons. You can even play with yourself. Think about and discuss who you know who is likely to be found dead from this activity. Is it that creepy guy from work? Is it that weird neighbor?

Of course you don't have to limit the deaths to autoerotic asphyxiation. You can think about all sorts of embarrassing, self-gratification scenarios for the passing of your favorite odd-balls. How about the weirdo with all the garden gnomes; is he or she likely to be found impaled on a pointed-hatted little garden buddy? Is that person a gnome-o-sexual? The possibilities with this game are endless.

The second game idea comes from a modification of the classic board game Clue. Think about the alternate meanings of statements such as "Colonel Mustard in the Library with a rope," or "Miss Scarlet in the bedroom with a lead pipe." I think you get the idea. This one also has lots of potential. What variants can come to your mind?

There you have it; you can find the light in a time of someone else's darkness. Humans have always found ways to make sexually suggestive jokes at other people's expense. Celebrities are a larger target. Now it's your turn to make the jokes of your own. If you come up with something clever, add it to your own blog or mention it in the comments here. You can do it. You, at your desk, with your computer.

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