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Smooth Criminal Game


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Out of respect for the passing of Michael Jackson, I bring back the Smooth Criminal Game. This is a game some friends and I played back when Jackson's song "Smooth Criminal" came out in 1987 on the Bad album.

The song is actually about a woman being assaulted in her apartment. That is not a fun topic. The game ignores that part of the song and just borrows a couple of lines of lyrics. The lyrics that inspired the game are:

You've been hit by
You've been hit by
A smooth criminal

The nature of the game is as follows. Say the first line as it is. Then say the second line but replace the words "been hit" with some other verb or verb phrase. Finish by saying the last line unchanged. It can be more fun that it sounds at first.

When we started, we used simple verbs. For example, "you've been spanked by" and "you've been painted by". After a while, things grew sillier. "You've been shaved by" and "You've been converted to a free market economy by". You can see where this can go.

Now that you've seen how it works, it's your turn. Try singing all three lines, but change the middle one in a silly way. Sing it to your family, friends, and coworkers. You can all have a good laugh. If you come up with a good one, leave it in the comment here for the joy of the world. Just keep it clean; this is a family-friendly site.

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