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Spring is in the Air


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It was easy to tell that spring is in the air. Everywhere I went, people were friendly and relaxed. The temperatures were well into the spring-like warmth range. Snow melted a lot. The sun reached out to gently give everyone a hug. It was a particularly good day.

Of course spring brings out a few of our more interesting instincts. This was in evidence everywhere as well. As I ran my errands women in the stores seemed to flirt much more. They maintained eye contact longer than usual. They smiled those slight smiles that fascinate me so.

I took my notebook to a local restaurant for a quick lunch. The waitress was cute. She was a little plump, but had pretty eyes and nice cheek bones. She was also in the mood to flirt. After she got her orders all situated, she came back to the table to chat with me. Since I had never seen her before, the behavior was interesting. After a brief chat, some new people were placed in her area so she had to go wait on them. What I heard of the conversation told that the two new guys were her boyfriend and his friend. Oh well?

The friendliness continued everywhere else. I made dinner plans. We were going to meet at my place for food and to watch videos. (No, not those kinds of videos. Get your head out of the gutter.) This required a trip to the grocer. Unfortunately, I ended up with a male check-out clerk. Though the females are way too young for me to chase, they are still better to look at than the males.

The trip was mostly successful. I bought pork chops and, due to the short notice, I planned to prepare them with a store-bought coating (rather than something I made from scratch). While unpacking the bags I realized that I bought the wrong flavor. Why would I do such a thing? I was looking right at the box when I?

Actually, I had been looking at the box, but I looked away while grabbing it off the shelf. I remembered that this couple walked by while I was getting the coating mix. They were a clean cut pair in their forties. He passed by first and she followed a few paces back. She was a thin thing, about five foot six. Though the skin of her face carried some wrinkles, her big, brown eyes showed a bit of girlish brightness. She glanced at me and smiled a little as she went by. At least I had a good reason for grabbing the wrong stuff.

Other than that, dinner went well. I managed to send the least healthful of the foods home with her. I got a good night?s sleep and managed to sleep late. It looks like it is going to be another pleasant day out and I think I should go enjoy it. After all, it is easy to tell that spring is in the air.

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