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Tomorrow is April Fools Day


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Tomorrow is April first, or April Fools Day. On this day it is traditional to play light-hearted pranks on your friends, family members and associates. I always enjoy this very special day.

In years past, I?ve had the time to create a fake news story web page and then do a posting here to comment on it. For example, in the early years of the Iraq trouble I commented on some articles about the Kurds in northern Iraq wanting to join the United States as a state called Kurdtuckey. As I mentioned, I just don?t have the time this year.

To make up for things, I?ve chosen instead to give some advice on pranks. Some pranks are good and others aren?t and this advice is presented to help you make the distinction. With careful thought, you can make this April Fools Day the best ever.

Placing fake vomit near the candy dish is a somewhat funny, if disgusting, prank.

Putting oil of Ipecac on the candy in the bowl is not a funny prank.

Tying a leash to the back bumper of someone?s car makes it look as thought they dragged their dog to death. Some people think this is funny.

Tying the dog to the back of the bumper and actually dragging the thing to its death is not funny.

It is somewhat funny to give a person a fake Lottery Ticket and then telling them it is a fake after he or she has gotten all excited.

It is not funny to wait till the person has quit his or her job before mentioning that the ticket is fake.

Telling your friend that the Department of Homeland Security is looking for them can be a little funny.

Calling the Department of Homeland Security and telling them why they should be looking for your friend is not funny.

Lying on the sofa with a fake knife sticking out of your chest can be a funny prank.

Faking your death and running off to Mexico is not funny (even if it may be encouraged by some of your family and friends).

Finally, setting up your co-worker?s computer to show something embarrassing on boot up can be a funny prank.

Setting up your co-worker?s computer to show child porn on boot up is never funny.

I hope these suggestions can help you make the most of your April Fool?s Day holiday.

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