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Swine Flu Quarantine Day 3


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It's been three days since I was quarantined in my office with the Mindiacs. For the most part, things are going ok. We've only had a few small problems, but I've encouraged a settlement through interpretive slapping.

The First Night

The first night started with an argument about sleeping arrangements. Believing my office to be a democracy, the Mindiacs tried to set up a fair and equitable rotation for the couch in my personal office. Their attitudes changed and they decided that I would sleep on my couch and they would find comfortable places on the floor using the sleeping bags provided by the CDC.

Later that night, we were all woken by the might thunder of snoring. The largest of the Mindiacs (I don't know his name so I'll call him 'Thumper') shook the whole office. At first, the other Mindiacs just hit him or threw things. About midnight, an angry member of our group threatened from the couch that Thumper would be shoved into the supply closet where the sick guy was stored. Things grew very quite.

The Second Day

All day Sunday, I tried to nap. My reasoning was that sleep would make the time fly faster. I would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those meddling Mindiacs. Their poker games got a little out of hand a few times and I had to yell at them.

The other game was much worse. It only took an angry reminder that we were in a sealed office to stop the ?Who Dealt It?? game. Why they found amusement in not only passing gas but in trying to determine the diet by the odor is a mystery to me. Why try to guess the diet of people who've only been able to eat what the medicos brought us.

The Second Night

After an early lights-out we all got up at eleven o'clock. We asked the medical staff for a little bandage tape. With Thumper's mouth taped shut, we all went back to sleep.

With good sleep came good dreams. If I were the unethical type, I would try to increase search traffic by suggesting that the dreams were about hot, nubile college girls do sexy things to each other's naked bodies. I would also include an assortment of sex related words and describe lurid acts.

Also, if I were an unethical type, I would think about how the content of my posts affects the content of advertisements on my site and I would mention things that would increase the appearance of higher-paying ads. For example, I would suggest that the hot, nubile college girls were driving Lincoln Navigator, Lexis, and Audi vehicles when they arrived to do sexy, lurid acts to each other. Yep, it's a good thing I'm not the unethical type.

The Third Day

I spent most of the third day working on coding projects. Yes, that does mean we're that much closer to more improvements to the LibertyBob site. Like all such improvements, they are built on a development copy of the site and won't migrate to the real site until they are full tested.

The Mindiacs, however, were getting on each other's nerves. The started with simple griping at each other and eventually grew to all out screaming fits. This has passed and now they sit quietly glaring at each other and me. It seems that someone growled something about strangling someone with that someone's intestines. The image was sufficiently graphic and realistic that the Mindiacs chose to sit quietly and contemplate the value of life.

We've only got a few more days of quarantine left. I doubt we will make it through peaceably. Still, I've got a stout club at hand and don't think I will lose any arguments.

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