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While talking with friends, the subject of actors came up. There are some actors that don't fit the standard model and we were discussing the sort of movies we would like to see them in. Some of the ideas were pretty good. Some were not.

There are a lot of strange actors who get type cast and who have to try very hard to get different roles. There are people like Christopher Walken and Sylvester Stallone. We talked about many of these and the movies that give them the greatest departure from typical. This path of thinking ended with Vin Diesel and Rowan Atkinson in "Brokeback Mountain 2".

At this point the conversation turned to a favorite of the group: Bruce Campbell. You may have seen Mr. Campbell in the Evil Dead movies or in his television series "The Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.". He was also in Xena and an assortment of other low end projects. He is the king of the ?B' movies and he is brilliant at it.

We decided that he should play any character where he gets to wear a bomber jacket. We also thought that there should be action, particularly espionage.

Imagine Campbell playing a James Bond like character. Now picture that Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard of Star Trek fame) is his sadistic boss. If you've ever seen the sort of expressions that Campbell can create, you will see the entertainment value here. I'm still not sure who should play the villain, but I'm leaning toward Jim Carey or Paul McCartney.

The best idea, however, is to have Campbell play the lead in a reprisal of "Hogan's Heroes." Imagine that it is 1951 and Hogan now works with the CIA. The gang from the prison camp are scattered throughout Europe doing various things. Naturally the KGB are the bad guys. Poor Klink runs an antique book store. There's a real story here and no one could do it better than Campbell. (I do have most of a treatment for this done, if you are interested Mr. Campbell.)

Yes, we are a creative lot. This was actually a conversation of much closer to the discussions held by "normal" people than our usual talks. You really do not want to know about our more typical discussions.

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