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Diabetic Cookbooks


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There are a great number of diabetic cookbooks on the market today. I mean, of course, the books that explain how to cook for people with diabetes and not the books that describe how to cook the actual person. Anyway, some of these books are great resources of information for the too-sweet person. Others of these books are not quite as good.

The good cookbook has recipes and tips to reduce carbohydrates while providing all the nutrition, flavor, and general satisfaction one gets from food. These books explain how to substitute one ingredient for another to get the same culinary effect while improving the health benefits. I really like these books.

A cookbook that fits into the less helpful category also contains recipes. Many times, these are the same recipes one finds in a normal cookbook but with the serving sizes reduced to miniscule. Sure, the recipe may call for five pounds of sugar and another two of bleached wheat flour, but if you only eat half a teaspoon of the stuff, you should be fine.

My own diabetes is mostly under control. I eat healthful foods most of the time. My exercise regime is gradually improving. On rare occasions, I am beset upon by the wild Bavarian Cr?me filled donut, but I suffer through it and move on. I don't rely too heavily on the cookbook anymore. Those books were helpful when I started.

The advice to those of you who are concerned about your carbohydrate intake is to consult with experts. Your local hospital may have dieticians with whom you can talk. A major grocery store chain in this area actually has their own professional dieticians to help customers. You can get recipe ideas and other information if you look carefully. As general rule, though, if the source says it has cake for you, you should be suspicious.

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