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LibertyBob Store


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Almost two years ago, I began investigating the possibility of having my own screen printing business. It?s easy enough to do screen printing, but it takes time and work space. I don?t have either, so I needed a new way to make use of the designs I created. That?s why I?ve created the LibertyBob Store.

There are plenty of services available on the Web that will make your products for you. Some offer more services than others. The one I?ve chosen is Caf? Press. They can take one?s designs and put them on an assortment of products. They have been around a while and have a reasonable reputation.

So now, I will be gradually adding new designs and products to the new LibertyBob Store over at Caf? Press rather than using the time to make my own products. Please take a moment to visit the new page here. The first product is ready in plenty of time for the Saint Patrick?s Day.

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