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Quarantine Day 6


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Disease Boy is feeling better. The medical people say he is on his way to recovering and is no longer contagious. This is good news, I guess.

The even better news is that they said the rest of us are showing no symptoms so we should be able to go home tomorrow. I can't wait to get a shower and breathe air that hasn't been breathed by Mindiacs. Just as good, they are out of here too,

The cleaners are scheduled to come in over the weekend. With any luck, they should be able to remove the stench of my visitors before I get back in on Monday. I'm sure there is a huge amount of work piled up at my regular job by now. How long do you think I can milk the quarantine thing?

Anyway, next week should see things back to normal. I can once again get around to spotty posts and vague ramblings. I'm sure you can't wait.

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