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Been Gone a While


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As you may have noticed, old LibertyBob has been a bit inactive lately. Technically, I've just been inactive on this site; the rest of my existence has been very hectic. With the new job, and some teaching on the side, and working on my graduate degree in Economics, I've had little time for anything. As the semester ends, I hope to get back to my regular ramblings. If nothing else, my ad revenue has really dropped off.

The really sad part of being off the blog all this time is that I missed the mid-term elections. Mind you, I voted and all, but there was some neat stuff to talk about. Despite the change from one party having power to another, voters pretty much voted the same way they did last time. They were just angry and voted against whoever was in power already, just like last time.

Anyway, expect a little more content. The semester is ending so I'll have more time. Winter is on its way as well, so there'll be less time on the beach connecting with the babes. Stay tuned.

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