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Yield to Pedestrians


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It is usually a good thing to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. In this area, it is law that you do so. It is not necessarily a good idea to yield to pedestrians who are not on the street and have no intention to go there.

That?s right; if I?m five or more feet away from the street or the entrance of parking lot and I?m not moving in the direction of that drivable surface, you do not have to yield to me. You do not have to stop and wave me across. You do not have to hold up twenty other cars in an attempt to be polite to me. You do not have to yield to pedestrians who are not in your way.

Think of it from my point of view. If you are an obvious moron and cannot tell that I?m not going anywhere then I really have no desire to place my self in the path of your large, metal death machine. If I did not need to cross that path anyway, why would I want to just because you waved me through? (To get to the other side?)

Though I appreciate that you are trying to be considerate and polite and all, you must realize that you are a moron and that make you dangerous. Do everyone a favor and drive away. Then the rest of us can go on about our business.

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You gotta pick the right guy to do the job.
Go out now and vote for LibertyBob.
...and in domestic news, research has shown that your father left because you were such a disappointment.