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Snooze to Save the World


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I do not know what I dreamed last night, but when the alarm clock sounded I felt in my bones, no, in my very soul, that if I climbed out of bed at that very moment something bad, something horrific, something reminiscent of the fevered ravings of H.P. Lovecraft himself, would befall not just me but the whole of creation and, so, I had no alternative, no option, no greater duty to the universe of that which is wholesome and good but to reach out my hand from the warmth of my protective bedding to push with confidence that snooze button on the alarm clock and set in motion the patient waiting until the danger passed out of both this world and my mind.

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You gotta pick the right guy to do the job.
Go out now and vote for LibertyBob.
"Blue Squad, what's your status?"
"Lonely and needing a hug, sir."