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Baby Bunny Bots


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Dreams are a wonderful thing, sometimes. I had quite a doozie the other night.

For twelve years, I lived in a small cottage on the North East side of town. It was a pleasant little cottage. Well, not really, but it was home and it was cozy. In the dream, I was back there, and so were about forty very annoying guests.

I tried to get the guests to leave. I told them there was no more food. I suggested they would be happier elsewhere. I shouted that I would be happier with them elsewhere. The wild waving of a shotgun had no effect. Finally, I decided to go outside.

Being early March, mud and brown grass covered the lawn. My feet squished into the soggy soil with every step. One corner of the lawn, nearest the street, seemed particularly bare. I needed to plant a tree there. I set down the tree sapling that was suddenly in my hand and went to the garage to get a shovel.

The garage of my old cottage was never in great condition. Before we tore it down, most of the roof fell in and the walls leaned dangerously to the side. It took that shape in the dream as well.

Aside from an old '49 Buick, which I have never owned in my life, and the shovel, I also found rabbits. The mother rabbit sat a short distance away from me. When she saw me, she ran away out through a large hole in the wall of garage.

Under the Buick, sat five little baby bunnies. They were the cutest little furry creatures. They showed no fear at all. I picked them up.

Then the dream changed.

Still in the garage, I had built for each bunny a small robot. It was a white, plastic cube, about four inches to a side, with two white, plastic wheels, one on each side. A clear plastic dome sat on top, through which you could see various electronics. On the front, two little white lights, like eyes, one yellow light, like a nose, and then black arc drawn on to look like a smile. A couple of the robots would be active while interacting with the bunnies.

The dream changed more drastically.

Late at night on the cruise ship, the staff cleaned the restaurant. I walked back to my table after finishing my chat with some people. As I neared the table, I saw one of the staff pick up one of my robots and start to heave it toward the edge of the ship. It is useful to note at this point that a plastic egg, like those found in the gumball machines, surround each of the robots.

Screaming, "No!" at the guy, I ran toward the deck rail to rescue by robot. The egg bounced off a deck table and then the deck itself before I caught it. I ran back to the table.

Excitedly, I described why we couldn't just throw the robots away. To demonstrate, I opened a wooden box that contained five more plastic eggs, each filled with fur. I opened the robot in my hand and then grabbed the matching fur-filled egg. I pulled the tiny brain out of the robot, placed it back inside its fur, and produced a fully functioning baby bunny. The bunny looked around a though nothing was wrong and that it was perfectly happy to be there.

At this point, I noticed the huge crowd of ship's passengers all circled around. They seemed quite upset at what they called an abomination. Apparently, the idea of moving a living brain back and forth between a machine and a natural body upset them greatly. They began to move forward in angry mob fashion.

Unfortunately, the alarm went off at that moment, so I don't know what happened to me and my Baby Bunny Bots. On the other hand, waking at that moment may be the only reason I remember the dream so vividly. I'm sure the Baby Bunny Bots went on to live happy, wonderful lives, at least until the Hawk Bot got them.

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