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Winter Night Driving


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Oh, hey look; there's blowing snow causing the road surface to grow slick. You know what would really make that better? Tailgaters, that's what. Yep, I like driving down a dark, rural highway full of frost heaves with some moron's headlights filling up the cab of my car so I can't really see the road ahead of me.

Wait; there is something to add. The oncoming car has its high beams on. Do you think the driver will turn them down to the low beams before getting too close to me? Not a chance, those puppies don't dim until almost alongside my car. Yea, that is way better.

Why are headlights so bright these days anyway? Oh yea, I remember. We had to make them brighter so other drivers would be more likely to see them. That's a brilliant idea; make them blindingly bright so the morons who otherwise would not pay attention can see them clearly day or night. What harm could that possibly do?

Yes, this is fun. Nothing I enjoy more than trying to drive on roads covered in random pack snow while a lethally cold wind tries to push me into a ditch and being reminded all the time that humanity could really use a good cull. Unfortunately, I survived all the way home where I lost that death buzz and the tightness in the muscles in my back dissipated.

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