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Vacation 2007 Day 3


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Today?s fictional vacation excursion takes me to something that few people ever see or even know that they have seen. That?s right; I?ve been to the 2007 Ninja Expo in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Every five years, Ninjas from all over the world converge on the birthplace of Ninjitsu to hold their Exposition. They get together and discuss the latest techniques and show off their newest toys. There are seminars on stealth, assassination, and cow tipping.

My invitation came in an unsolicited email that said, ?Click here for a chance to win tickets to the Ninja Expo.? I clicked and was sent my ?E-vite? the next day, after confirming my identity with my social security and credit card numbers. With that, I was on my way.

One of the most notable features of the Ninja Expo is that everything and every person is in disguise. You could drive right through the Expo and think that you were driving through a normal neighbor hood. Even driving through the whole city, you will never find it unless you are given directions or some new Ninja slips up and gives it away.

I can?t say too much because that would give away the location. Some of you readers are a bit clever? sometimes. Still, there were a few things I think I can mention.

There are new shelters for Ninjas who have to maintain surveillance in modern urban settings. These little boxes are covered with metal for protection and are typically bolted to the sidewalk to help withstand hurricanes and such. The only thing that might give these boxes away is that they don?t use camouflage. Each one is painted blue and marked with the logo of the United States Postal Service.

I did get a chance to interview one of the Ninjas. He was cleverly disguised as a meter reader from the local power company. I approached him on the side walk. ?So,? I asked, ?how long have you been a Ninja??

He responded, ?What??

Since he didn?t hear me, I repeated my statement. ?I said, ?How long have you been a Ninja???

He pulled back a bit and held his clipboard between us. ?Ninja? What are you talking about? I?m not a Ninja. Get away from me.?

?Oh, right,? I apologized, ?got to keep it secret.? I nodded and winked to let him know I understood.

He ran to a nearby truck marked the same as his uniform. That was one thorough Ninja.

Things slowed down when the police arrived in the area asking about Ninjas. I assumed one of the new Ninjas must have slipped up and gotten noticed. When the police asked me I said I got lost while looking for my hotel. I used the name of a hotel I saw when I drove in. The nice officer told me how to get to the hotel and I was on my way back home.

It will be five years until the next Ninja Expo. That?s probably when I will have my next vacation. I highly recommend it to all of you, my dear readers. In fact, the current Ninja Expo is still going on through July 1, so you should go to Sheboygan now and catch this one. Just call the Sheboygan Chamber of Commerce and ask where it?s at. One of them is sure to know

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