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Weather Damage to Washington


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Every state in the United States of America has a city called Washington. They are named after the first president, George Washington and not the city Washington D.C. which was named after stage actor Lamont Washington also after the first president. We have a town called Washington here in Iowa and it is one of the unluckiest places in the state.

But LibertyBob, you always say that everything is good in Iowa. How can there be an unlucky place?

In the same way that some Whiskeys are better than others, there can be relatively less fortunate areas in a paradise like Iowa. That is the case for the town of Washington. Let me tell you why.

Yesterday we had some severe weather go through the state. There were thunderstorms and high winds. There were also tornados. A tornado hit the town of Washington. When I saw this on the evening news my response was, ?Well duh.?

You see, Washington, Iowa has a tornado magnet. Any time there is severe weather it is more of a surprise if Washington doesn?t get hit. Each time another tornado goes through, the local news people go about their nostalgic remembrances of the worse tornados from yesteryear. It?s just normal for Washington to get hit by tornados.

The cameras were on the scene instantly. One old fellow lost the roof of his garage and a bit of his house. The neighbors were there right away to square everything away. They had tarps and two-by-fours to cover the house. How did they know what to do? How did they get so organized? Why did they have supplies on hand? Well, they?ve done this before.

I?m fortunate enough to live in Cedar Rapids. The weather has to be really harsh before we feel it. You can watch on the radar as storms split and go around us, one part to the north and one part to the south. As soon as the storm gets around us the two parts rejoin and pummel places to the north east. Fortunately, the next big stop is Chicago.

Granted, the damage to Washington is no where near as bad as other people get. There are no hurricanes. There are no perceptible earthquakes. We haven?t seen a tidal wave in eons. The same applies to meteors and such. However, this is Iowa and constant hits by tornados in one location seems pretty unlucky.

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