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Morons Assault Police Officers


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As embarrassing as it is, we had a couple of morons actually assault an officer here in Cedar Rapids. (You can read about it here.) Afterward, the morons went on camera to give their side of the story.

The quick story is that officers went to a house early in the morning to deal with a noise complaint. The occupants of the house refused to respond to the officers at the door. The officers entered and the morons attacked the officers.

The morons complain that the officers did not have a warrant and the officers didn't follow procedure "or nuthin". One of the morons who attacked fell to the ground with one of the officers and the other morons started kicking the officer. One of the morons got tasered.

The video of the story actually showed the morons. I don't usually like to judge people based on their appearance, but you can just look at these two goomers and guess they snacked on the paint chips as kids. Be nice and ignore the facial features, and just focus on the speech patterns and mannerisms. These guys should not be out without their helmets.

Ok, the first rule of dealing with the police is that you never ever attack police officers. It's a simple enough idea. The second rule about dealing with officers is that if you attack them they will respond with physical force. The third rule of dealing with the police is that they have the communications technology and the cohesiveness that they will tell every other cop in the country who will then gather their forces against you. The final rule for dealing with the police is that if you are a moron and attack the police, the rest of us are going to look at you and say, "What a moron."

So, it is simple. Do not attack member of the Cedar Rapids Police Department.

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