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Restroom Protocol Prank


Category: General

There are many protocols regarding proper behavior in public restrooms. Some of the rules are more important than others. Here is a fun way to violate one of the less critical ones.

Next time you are in a public restroom when there are other people, you can provide a little entertainment. Start by positioning yourself to perform your natural duty. Once in place, state the following two lines in a firm, super-hero like voice:

"Urethron, release!"

"Bladdertron is go!"

For added fun, if anyone asks you what is going on or otherwise attempts to speak to you, make sure to look at them as though they have violated restroom protocol. After all, it is inappropriate to speak to other people in the restroom.

Finish by completing your task as though nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Make sure to wash your hands before you leave.

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