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Vacation 2007 Day 2


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As mentioned yesterday, I am on vacation. Many people travel to exotic locations while on vacation. Unfortunately, this little vacation of mine was a little less planned. That?s why this travelogue discusses places where I did not go. This is the tale of where I did not go on Monday.

Today?s fictional trip was to Mars Equatorial Station. This is a military-run science station build on the equator of the Red Planet. Most of it is underground with a few, small monolithic domes on the surface. The landing area to the south is a large flat surface. To the north are all the windmills and solar collectors.

I parked my rented Chevy Nova and entered through the main gate. The locals greeted me with their traditional greetings of ?How did you get in here?? and ?Who the hell are you?? They then took me on a tour of the facilities including the security station and some administrative offices. Then they showed me to my room and fed me.

Lunch was a little spartan, but that?s to be expected from research station on a foreign planet. The food was served on a plastic tray with a plastic spoon. I had water, mashed potatoes, and reconstituted meat stuff. The flavor wasn?t too bad but the consistency was a bit mushy. Being a guest, I chose not to complain.

The scientists had been stationed on Mars for a long time and were desperate for news from home. Two of them questioned me for hours after lunch. I told them the latest news about Paris Hilton, Julia Roberts? new kid, and the other celebrities I could remember. They still wanted to know more, but it was soon supper time.

It was polite of them to offer supper, but I needed to be going. The door to my room seemed to be stuck. I didn?t want to bother the concierge with something so trivial, so I used my Hack-O-Matic™ to override the door?s control circuitry. It was a good thing that I got out of the way at that time because, as I was leaving, alarms went off in the station and they seemed to become very busy. It?s never good to be in the way when your host has an emergency, so I headed to the parking lot.

It was a short walk to the Nova. I got in and left. There must have been some other guests who had the same idea. Four other vehicles left shortly after I did and they headed in the same direction. I?m not sure where they finally went because I took a quick fly-by of the sun and lost track of them during a solar eruption.

Well, that?s my first full day of vacation. Hopefully tomorrow?s trip will be a little more interesting.

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