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NBC Fear Itself


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The NBC television network has been airing a new horror program called "Fear Itself". They make acclaimed horror writers and directors each make a one hour episode and that will completely creep you out. Well, that's a big promise to make and old LibertyBob would like to make a commentary on it.

I've watched several episodes. The shows seem to be consistent. That is not a good thing. These shows are extremely boring.

Real creativity escapes these tales. Those guys make the episodes from old, worn stories that everyone has seen. Of course most human stories come from that pile, so the skill is in the telling. Fear Itself doesn't do that either.

So far, there is no attempt to develop any depth. It's as though the directors know the stories are well known, so no effort is really needed to tell them. Why go through the effort to fill in interesting details when everybody already knows the story? I can answer that question. You attend to the details to make the story interesting.

In each episode the absolute boredom sets in after about twenty minutes. At that time of the evening, I've finished most of my chores and I'm just waiting for the ten o'clock news. If that weren't the case, I wouldn't have bothered to watch the rest of these shows. They really are that tedious. It is like that annoying guy at work who can't really tell stories but wants to tell you about something he heard about and you have to be nice as a matter of office protocol though you would rather run away and copy something.

The reason for the problem on the show escapes me. I assume the network people are tempering with the shows too much in an effort to avoid getting into trouble. Again, the stories are old but they can be presented in an entertaining manner by skilled story tellers. There is no excuse for these flaccid efforts.

There is my take on the program. I really do not recommend spending your time on this show. Watch something else or, better yet, go learn something.

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