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Shootings of Late


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So, what's with all the shootings lately? It seems like every time I turn on the evening news, some other mouth breather has gone into a business or home and shot half a dozen or more people. How many times do we have to tell you: if you want to shoot people you have to join the marines.

Many people blame the economic downturn. The loss of jobs, homes, and hope has increased the stress level on everyone. That is not a good reason for going on a rampage. There are plenty of people in the same boat who have not gone on killing sprees. If this were a viable reason, we could shoot unemployed people and call it self defense.

The anti-gun crowd says this is a symptom of the fact that guns are not controlled adequately. They say that guns and ammo are too easy to get. If we could get a reliable psychiatric test for gun owners, we might be safer. Even that would not deal with all the people who acquire firearms outside of normal, regulated channels.

I personally blame the media. Every time there is a shooting, the news puppies run up to it a lick its face. They give massive amounts of attention to the culprit and spend weeks asking why the shooter may have done these things. Was it bullying? Was it video games? Was the gunman not hugged adequately as a child? Who cares?

Infamous and famous are two sides of the same coin. When one proto-nut sees all the attention that the other nut got for just shooting a few people, he thinks, "Wow, that could be me. Then I'd really be somebody. Isn't that right, Mr. Sock?" Obviously, the media are not helping the situation.

"What should they do instead?" you may ask.

Well, let me tell you. The key to this is to make it very clear that shooters are losers. Why did he go one a rampage and shoot a bunch of people? Because he is a pathetic loser, of course. We must make it clear that there are many people out there who were teased in school, or lost there job, or got dumped who went on with their lives without ever going all Murder Max. They were not pathetic losers.

The stories of these shootings should act as though the damage to the victims is sad and is a loss. The person who caused it is not a loss. It sure is a good thing that the pathetic loser is dead so he isn't using up any more of our oxygen. Don't explore that moron's mental state; leave that to the crime handlers.

"But LibertyBob, surely we have to discuss these things with the family of the shooter so we can better understand what happened, don't we?"

No, we don't. If some high school kid goes in and shoots up a school, his parents are just as worthless as the shooter himself. They do not deserve sympathy or extra attention. They do not deserve a book deal. They are guilty and should be treated like the criminal scum they are.

So, in conclusion, shooters are losers. They should be collected at the earliest opportunity and have cattle prods shoved up their backsides. Of course, that should be done without ever announcing their names to the public. Their head stones should be simply marked "loser."

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