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Lexus IS F


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Now things are really bad. In an attempt to at "Search Engine Optimization", I mentioned sexy girls doing things involving a Lexus IS F sports car. The mentions were suggested as lurid dreams. Now things have gotten worse.

As part of my research into the Lexus IS F, I spent some time on the official Lexus website for the IS F. I went through the options and the various colors and settled on one in Ultrasonic Blue Mica. There were pictures. The V8 engine displaced 5.0 liters through the 8-speed Sport Direct-Shift transmission. The price wasn't too bad either.

Unfortunately, people drive them in the background in all of my dreams. You know what I mean. If there is a window in the scene, someone on the other side drives past in a Lexus IS F. If I'm outdoors, someone in the distance drives by in Ultrasonic Blue Mica. In one dream, I opened the drain on the sink and as the water swirled around, a Lexus drove around the outer edge of the porcelain. Yea, it's getting annoying.

The worst part is the dreams don't come complete with the sexy promiscuous girls. It makes me think I'm getting old. Either that or I've been working in academia for so long that I no longer think of young women in that way and instead think of them as tuition payers. If this is the case, pray for me.

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