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To Computer Case Makers


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To those who manufacture computer cases, I?ve got a few things to say. It is important to realize that I will be taking the computer apart. I will be adding or replacing components. The computer will be altered.

It is typical of these alterations that they are necessary and that I must do them with limited time. The change to the computer is not the desired goal, but a required step before I can go on to my actual work. I really do not want to spend massive amounts of time simply taking the cover off and putting it back on.

For that reason, I tell you now, all of my frustration at fighting with the case is formed into a curse on you and your families. It is one of those primitive, emotion filled sorts of curses. There are not too many details, of course. It probably involves boiling tar and/or steam rollers. If you can picture your families going through that, you will understand why I should not have to have three hands or special tools to close the computer case.

So take my advice, do not incur my wrath. You must assume that there are plenty of others who are cursing you as well. You do not want that much ire coming your way.

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