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More Free LibertyBob Card Readings


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The members of the LibertyBob Psychic Department, or Mindiacs as they like to be called, have been giving me a lot of crap because I haven't been running the Free LibertyBob Card Reading service. Despite the fact that there is no charge for the readings, the Mindiacs insist that they are missing out on cash somehow. (I think it is just a chance for them to gripe about something.)

So anyway, I have reinstated the Free LibertyBob Card Reading service. You will notice the link on the right-hand side of the page just above the link for the LibertyBob Store. Feel free to click the link and get your Free LibertyBob Card Reading full of all sorts of futury nonsense. You can get as many free readings as you want; there is no limit. I recommend that you visit daily.

To get started, click here for your Free LibertyBob Card Reading!

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